Gear Oil
Petronas Gear Syn PAO
Long description:

PETRONAS Gear Syn PAO Series are premium performance industrial gear oils specially developed for various types of enclosed gear drives operating under normal to extremely heavy duty conditions

Viscosity: 220
Industry Specifications:AGMA 9005-E02 DIN 51517 Part III U.S. Steel 224
Approvals / Meet Requirement - Only for IML:Cincinnati Machine P-74 David Brown S1.53.106 GED50E35 RENK ZAN 36011 (ISO VG150 to 460) Flender Gear drives - Revision 15 T 7300 Table A-c
Sector(s) - For Businesses page: Cement, Construction, General Manufacturing, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation (coal), Power Generation (nuclear), RailRoad, Sugar, Surface Mining, Underground Mining